Tasks for teams: Wunderlist Pro is out for Apple devices and the web

Wunderlist Pro is finally here, adding functionality on top of the task management app to better suit team use. The consumer-focused free app — which is inching ever closer to being an Evernote rival — has also been spruced up.

The features of Wunderlist Pro will come as no surprise, as 6Wunderkinder accidentally revealed them last month, but here’s the gist anyway: tasks can be assigned among friends or colleagues, and subtasks can now be created. This should make Wunderlist Pro an effective replacement for the axed Wunderkit, which was a project management counterpart to Wunderlist’s task manager.

Wunderlist Pro AssignThe Pro version costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 annually, and is available now for iOS(s aapl) devices, OS X and the web. 6Wunderkinder tells me the Android(s goog) and Windows(s msft) versions will follow in a week’s time.

“Wunderlist Pro allows you to easily delegate to-dos and effectively track the progress of each task, yet this is just the beginning. There is still a whole lot more to come,” 6Wunderkinder CEO Christian Reber said in a statement.

The first installment of that “whole lot more” will be the ability to attach files to tasks, which can then be shared for collaborative work. Meanwhile, the sharing functionality of the original Wunderlist has also received a boost through the addition of an “action bar” that allows one-click access to email and share lists.