Must-have Android app, AirDroid, adds remote access and more in AirDroid 2

If you’ve been using AirDroid, which I deemed an app every Android owner should try in 2013, you already know the software is great. With it, you can manage your phone, move files to or from it, change ringtones and more right from the browser of a computer on the same Wi-Fi network. AirDroid 2 is now available in Google Play(s goog) and it gets even better with more features such as the ability to access your Android smartphone over a mobile broadband network.

To enable the features over 3G and 4G networks, the AirDroid folks are running servers to act as an intermediary. That means you’ll need an AirDroid account. Although the app is free, remote access to your phone through AirDroid on mobile broadband is limited to 1 GB for file transfers and such. Take a peek at how the app works:


The biggest feature is surely the access via non-local networks, but there’s plenty of other new features including: find my phone, remove device wipe, and a way to remotely enable the front-facing camera on your phone. This is handy if your phone is stolen or lost because there’s no indicator on the phone to tell someone that the camera is on.

Why Google hasn’t outright bought this app is beyond me, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from grabbing a download; especially now that it’s usable on any data connection.