BT pushes its Cloud Compute IaaS platform into China, India and beyond

BT(s bt) may be (perhaps surprisingly) the third-biggest infrastructure-as-a-service provider in the world, but it clearly isn’t satisfied. On Monday, the British telecoms giant made a push into major new territories by announcing the upcoming launch of BT Cloud Compute in China, India, Germany, Mexico and Argentina.

The corporate-focused service has already been up and running for a while in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Brazil, Colombia, France, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, which is how it got to that number-three spot.

BT Cloud Compute has been built in-house at the company’s Adastral Park R&D center, in collaboration with the likes of Cisco and Citrix. The service runs out of 45 data centers around the world, which is handy when dealing with various countries’ compliance requirements.

BT is particularly keen on talking up its resiliency and 99.95 percent “expected” service level, as well as the fact that customers can run their services across both BT’s public cloud facilities and their own private clouds and in-house infrastructure.