Chrome Now Provides Offline Syncing with Google Drive

Chrome now supports automatic offline syncing for Google Drive.  This allows you to read and edit any document, spreadsheet or presentation, even when you’re not connected, such as on airplanes or during outages.  To turn on this feature, you must have Drive’s Chrome Web App installed, as well as enable offline access.

This is an improvement from the past approach.  Chrome previously allowed offline editing for individual documents, however, you had to plan ahead and choose which files to sync.  Now, the Drive app for Chrome syncs all files automatically, much like other services such as Dropbox.

More and more, those in the real world understand that you can’t always count on an Internet connection.  When leveraging cloud computing storage services, such as Drive, you need to work around those periods when there is an outage, or performance is just not there.

This continues a long line of cloud providers that offer offline syncing services, for the very same reason.  This does not detract from the value of the service, and makes consistent use possible.