Xbox Mini? Great idea! (and about time)

Two years ago, when it was becoming clear that the Xbox was experiencing a resurgence with the Kinect and small net-tops like the Roku were gaining traction, I suggested that Microsoft release a disc-less Xbox at a low price point.

This is one of the suggestions I had for Microsoft in 2011:

  • Create a low-end disc-less 360 for $99. The $99 price point is a psychological barrier that if crossed will push more consumers toward a discretionary purchase. The company sells the low-end 360 S for $199, but it should consider a new “online-only” 360 without the DVD drive that acquires new games and content solely online through Xbox Live.

And now, two years later, the rumors are flying that Microsoft is considering doing just what I suggested. The “Xbox Mini”, as the  Verge suggests, could be a miniaturized, disc-less Xbox 360 aimed at competing with the Roku’s and Apple TV’s of the world.

I think we’re still in a land grab, and Microsoft needs to cost-reduce the 360 and make them as pervasive as possible. By creating a mini/net-top, they could do just that.

Good to see the company finally following my suggestion 🙂