SoftLayer adds Riak database service to its mix

SoftLayer, the cloud and hosting provider that you may or may not know, has been busy again. It’s added a hosted Riak database service to its portfolio.

Basho logoIt worked with Basho, the Cambridge, Mass. company behind both the Riak NoSQL distributed database and RiakCS storage to do the integration work. Both the free Riak and  paid Riak Enterprise versions now run on SoftLayer’s pay-as-you-go infrastructure.

As GigaOM’s Jordan Novet recently reported, Riak is used by companies including Github because it stores, replicates and retrieves data, even when multiple nodes fail.

According to a statement by the two companies, the Riak solution makes it easier and faster for companies to “deploy scalable production-grade systems”at the click of a button.”

In March, Basho made its Riak CS distributed storage available under the Apache 2 license. Late last year, Softlayer worked with 10Gen to put the popular MongoDB database on its infrastructure as an option. It’s clearly filling in its NoSQL check boxes here.

Dallas-based SoftLayer’s been the subject of acquisition rumors lately. IBM(s ibm) is (or was) reportedly interested in buying the company.