Accenture Launches Cloud Brokerage Service

According to this Information Age article, Accenture is moving into the cloud brokerage business.  “…outsourcing and consultancy giant Accenture has been developing its own cloud brokerage platform, which it unveiled publicly in April 2013.”

While we’ve heard of cloud brokers before, we’ve yet to hear of one being built by a big consulting organization.  Clearly, this is a bid to increase the intellectual property of the firm, and thus the value.

“The Accenture Cloud Platform is made up of a mix of software and services.  Front and centre is a procurement portal that can be deployed internally or hosted in the cloud itself.”

Moreover, Accenture claims their cloud business is up to $1 billion dollars.  This statement could be true, considering the pervasive use of the “cloud computing” term these days.  I also suspect that the large consultancy is indeed finding many cloud projects as their existing clients begin the migration to cloud-based platforms.

This is good news for cloud computing in general, given that even the larger consulting players consider this market critical for their success.  Over time, cloud computing will become systemic to IT, and thus won’t be considered a separate and emerging space.