iPhone remains top US smartphone, while iOS gains a bit of ground on Android

Apple’s(s AAPL) worldwide iPhone’s sales may be may have slowed during the last quarter from its formerly rapid pace, but in the U.S. the device still picked up market share against competition that remained mostly static, according to ComScore’s MobiLens survey published Friday.

ComScore found Apple’s share of the smartphone market, already tops in the U.S., grew from 36.3 percent to 39 percent between December and March. In second place was Samsung, which stayed about the same during the quarter, rising a smidge from 21 percent to 21.7 percent. Meanwhile, the rest of the top five smartphone makers didn’t fare as well:

Comscore March 2013 US

There were 136.7 million people who owned smartphones in the U.S. — 58 percent of all mobile subscribers — and Apple and Samsung’s dominance of that market continues mostly unchallenged. Together they now own 91 percent of smartphone users as HTC, Google-owned Motorola,(S GOOG) and LG lost share, ComScore’s survey says.

On the smartphone software front, Apple’s iOS remained No. 2 behind Android, but made modest gains. iOS picked up about 2.7 perent share to reach 39 percent of all smartphones, while Android dipped a bit from 53.4 percent to 52 percent.

In other words, the U.S. smartphone story didn’t change too much in the first quarter of 2013: Android is still used by more than half of all smartphones and the iPhone is still by far the most popular smartphone in the U.S. The momentum, which was nominally in Apple’s favor last quarter, may shift a bit when we look at this survey three months from now though. Several flagship Android phones will start selling in larger quantities during that time, including the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC One.