Inktank gears up Ceph storage with support for Red Hat Linux

One thing we learned at last month’s OpenStack Summit was that the open-source cloud crowd really, really likes Ceph storage.  Ceph is an open-source distributed object store and file system that is clearly gaining traction in OpenStack shops. Now Inktank, a company that launched last year to offer services and support for Ceph, is now offering a new version that supports Red Hat(s rhat) 6.3 Linux and has pledged continued support for future versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

That the new release of Ceph, dubbed Cuttlefish, focuses on Red Hat is interesting since Red Hat bought Gluster for its scale-out storage capabilities in 2011 and declared Gluster to be “OpenStack Ready” last month.

The consensus at OpenStack Summit was that Ceph has advanced faster than the Swift storage module that came out of Rackspace(s rax) and which handles object storage only. But the promised appeal of OpenStack is that users can swap in and out compliant plug-ins as needed for different functionality.