Need instant Wi-Fi? Boingo makes it an iTunes in-app purchase

With over 600,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, Boingo Wireless(s wifi) has connectivity available all around the world. Signing up for a new Boingo account is relatively painless but when you need Wi-Fi in a hurry, who wants to waste time jumping through registration hoops? Folks with an iOS device don’t have to any longer: Boingo now supports iTunes payments for its services.

The special iTunes plan costs $7.99 per month and is available directly through the Boingo Wi-Finder app for iOS(s aapl). The software also includes a VPN service. By using the iTunes in-app purchase, users can immediately get a Wi-Fi subscription for their iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. The subscription is an auto-renewal, however: if you don’t want to continue it on a monthly basis, you’ll have to cancel it.

This is a clever move by Boingo to make it easier for paid Wi-Fi access. There are two things I’d like to see in the future though. First, offer an in-app purchase for other Boingo plans, such as an hourly or daily basis. Currently, the company does offer Boingo Credits, which provide an hour of Wi-Fi access for $1.99, for example. Second, why not extend the same simple in-app purchase on Android (s goog) through Google Wallet?

Either way, potential Boingo customers using iOS devices now have one less barrier to get connectivity in airports, shopping malls, restaurants, universities and other locations around the world.