IaaS marketplaces: the impact of utility computing

Cloud-based services revolutionized IT, creating a fundamental shift in the way businesses consume compute, storage and networking. The emergence of open IaaS marketplaces will provide IT with the same degree of agility and choice in the way they acquire those resources, and it could be every bit as revolutionary as the initial move to the cloud.

Through the application of financial and economic principles and methodologies to IT infrastructure, these marketplaces pave the way for new technical and financial products and offer a path toward more efficient, cost-effective service delivery. These marketplaces could completely redefine the IT purchasing structure and necessitate entirely new delivery structures.

Marketplaces will also bring new risks and responsibilities. Market manipulation, a loss of quality control, staffing and integration, and the specter of government oversight are among the serious concerns for compute consumers struggling to understand the shifting landscape.

Our panel of experts will answer these questions and more:

  • What lessons can we learn from previous marketplace failures and successes?
  • What is the role of IaaS brokers and what new products will they develop?
  • What is the impact of potential government regulation and oversight?
  • How will IaaS marketplaces affect staffing, operations and cost?

Speakers include:

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