Pomplamoose member Jack Conte creates ‘patron’ platform, Patreon

Jack Conte, half of the duo that constitutes indie band sensation Pomplamoose, is apparently now also an Internet entrepreneur.

Today he announced Patreon, a platform for artists to create recurring revenue streams for their work by asking their audiences to contribute on a recurring basis.

Here’s how Conte explained in his video (via Techcrunch):

“There are literally tens of thousands of people who create regular content on the web and have millions of followers. Kickstarter is not appropriate for a blogger who writes weekly articles – he doesn’t need a big chunk of money, and he has no big project to use it for. He needs monthly income, and Patreon brings crowd funding away from singular one-off projects and into the realm of regular content creation.”

I’m excited about Patreon for a couple reasons. First, I really like Pomplamoose. Second (and more importantly) it’s a great idea. The reason I think that this idea is a good one is I do think that crowdfunding – as commonly implemented through bigger platforms like Kickstarter and Rockethub – is generally good for one-time pop campaigns, but for creatives who make content on an ongoing basis, crowdfunding may not be the best overall way to go.

I also think it’s also a sign of the ongoing innovation happening on the funding side of the equation, which is giving new ways for passion communities to connect with their audiences.