Making the cloud work for your business

“File Storage Costs Less in the Cloud Than In-House”
Pay-as-you-go pricing can save you as much as 74 percent over in-house storage, making the cloud an attractive choice. But as this report from Forrester Research, Inc., makes clear, analyzing the real costs of internal versus cloud storage is difficult without a reliable methodology — like the one this report provides.

“Four Ways to Relieve Data Storage Stress”
As the glut of data grows, businesses of all types are grappling with the same basic problem: where to put it all. According to this report, the cloud can be an important part of the answer for your company, especially if you know how and when to use cloud storage to the best advantage.

“Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Computing”
As business users push for faster and easier ways to roll out the applications they need, cloud usage is on the rise. Unfortunately, many cloud projects are initiated outside the IT realm — and without clear requirements or measurable objectives. Here’s a checklist to help you take a more strategic approach to the cloud.