It’s Larry’s world, we only live in it

Our invitation must have gotten lost in the spam folder but apparently there was a swank ‘do Thursday night at the Embarcadero’s Pier 27 to celebrate the launch of Larry Ellison’s latest release — The Wind Gods — an account of the Oracle(s orcl) chairman’s quest to regain the America’s Cup for God and Country (and Larry.)

From the movie’s web site:

“Awe-inspiring boats that reflect the unlimited reach of human ingenuity, breathtaking views, action, tension, excitement, consummate skill, the pursuit of lifelong dreams and the tempestuous romance between sailors and the sea, set against a soaring musical score: this is The Wind God’s, the story of the 33rd America’s Cup race.”

Thank God, MarketWatch‘s Therese Poletti has the scoop on the red carpet event. The movie, she reports, will be “great PR for Ellison and the sailing team that would ultimately prevail in what became a major grudge-match involving the America’s Cup, where billionaire faced off billionaire in Valencia, Spain.” San Francisco Business Times has another account.

Forbes Magazine estimates Ellison is worth $43 billion and he’s not averse to spending it. The America’s Cup chase reportedly cost him $100 million.


And, he is not new to show biz. He appeared in Iron Man 2 (seen in screen grab above.) And two of his children have gone Hollywood.  Son David Ellison is an actor, writer and producer (he produced The Wind Gods) and daughter  Megan Ellison is a producer with more than a dozen titles to her credit including Jack Reacher and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Ellison has also bought up a sizeable chunk of pricey real estate in the star-studded Malibu beach enclave.

It’s unclear if any mention was made about the death Thursday afternoon of another America’s Cup competitor, Andrew Simpson. A member of the Artemis Racing team, Simpson apparently drowned, after his catamaran capsized in the bay.

Oracle Team Racing’s defense of the America’s Cup will begin July 4 in San Francisco Bay.