Nokia teaser video of next Lumia focuses on camera bump. A true PureView?

Nokia(s nok) is holding a London press event on Tuesday where it is expected to launch a new Lumia smartphone. The company isn’t waiting until then to build buzz, however. A video was shown on British television over the past weekend, teasing the “new Nokia Lumia”.

There isn’t much to see in the video, spotted by The Verge on Sunday, as Nokia is keeping most details under wraps until the big reveal. It’s clear that in typical Nokia fashion, the company is planning to play upon its strength of camera quality. The teaser ad clearly shows two flashes on the rear of the camera along with a raised bump where the camera sensor lies. Either the phone is extremely thin or the sensor is larger than current Nokia Lumia phones use.


I suspect the latter as Nokia has been working on its PureView technology, with one example phone being the Nokia PureView 808. That device — more of a concept than anything else, although you can purchase one — offers a 41 megapixel sensor that allows for tremendously detailed photos even when zoomed in. The video also alludes to this concept suggesting the phone will capture “more than your eyes can see”.

It’s also likely that Nokia will move away from their standard polycarbonate material for the phone’s body and instead use a metal casing. That could eliminate the wireless charging feature found on current Lumia’s but would help reduce the weight of the handset.