A bet on Bitcoin: new VC fund invests in currency startups

Bitcoin: is it like gold or Dutch tulip bulbs? Either way, investors are flocking to the crypto-currency, which is mined with computers and circulates outside the control of any central bank.

The latest buzz comes by way of the Bitcoin Boost Fund, a new Silicon Valley fund that announced on Tuesday that it will hand out $50,000 to seven or so Bitcoin startups.

All of the startups will be graduates of Boost VC, an accelerator program that seeks to mentor would-be Bitcoin barons. The accelerator, created earlier this year, is run by Adam Draper, who describes himself as a “fourth generation VC” and who is hosting a hackathon at the “Bitcoin: Future of payments” conference in San Jose this weekend.

News of the fund, which will total around $400,000, comes less than a week after Fred Wilson’s Union Square Ventures announced it would put $5 million into Coinbase, a service that lets people store and convert Bitcoin online. (See here for all the other Bitcoin buzz last week.)

So what sort of start-ups will the new Bitcoin fund support? Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Venture Partners, another investor, offered some broad strokes:

“The way to regard any tech disruption — from cloud to big data to flash storage — is that the first generation of companies are always infracture companies, the second generation are application companies. We’re right at the cusp of moving from infrastructure to applications … Maybe international money transmissions.”

Liew added that Bitcoin is most appealing to merchants who want to impose the 3% transaction cost for payments often imposed  in the traditional financial system.GigaOM meet up BitCoin

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