Apple’s app store hits 50 billion downloads

Apple(s appl) announced Wednesday that the App Store has hit 50 billion app downloads, a singificant milestone for the company only a few months after it announced 40 billion downloads back in January.

Apple’s App Store downloads and downloads from the Google Play(s goog) store became roughly even last fall, as Erica Ogg wrote recently, and then in the first quarter of 2013, Google pulled ahead in sheer number of mobile app downloads worldwide. However, Apple got 74 cents for every dollar spent on apps during the that quarter, according to a report by Canalys published in April, and the 50 billion downloads now puts Apple back with a slight lead.

The company announced the number of downloads on the first day of Google’s I/O conference, as Google announced that its Google Play store has seen 48 billion app downloads since launch in late 2008. However, it’s good to remember that app downloads only tell part of the story — someone could download an app and never use it again.

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