Software AG wants to make app development easy for business users with Live software

Software AG, the German software company, wants to make it easy for people who can’t write code to plan, build and run their own business applications, just as people with programming chops can build on top of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings such as Engine Yard and Heroku. Toward that end, it’s unveiled a new line of products, Software AG Live.

The software line includes a trio of components that function on their own but can work well together: a tool for collaborating and laying out the functions, processes, inputs and outputs of an application; a system for assembling and tweaking pieces of the application itself; and a vehicle for integrating data from existing applications. The applications that come out of Software AG Live can also run on mobile devices, which falls in with the trend of using PaaSes to build mobile apps.

AgileApps Live is the Platform -as-a-Service (PaaS) component of the new Software AG Live product line.

AgileApps Live is the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) component of the new Software AG Live product line.

With this PaaS, “subject-matter experts are now empowered to build their own solutions and apps,” said Ivo Totev (pictured), head of Software AG’s cloud business unit and a member of the company’s executive board.

The platform is available now, and the other pieces are on the way. They will all be able to run on the Software AG cloud hosted on Rackspace(s rax), a spokesman said, but can be deployed on other clouds or on premises.

Last month SoftwareAG said that it had acquired LongJump, which previously provided part of the new software bundle. Now, a few weeks later, Software AG is turning around and announcing the full line under a new name.

“This really opens up some new potential audiences to Software AG,” said John Rymer, a Forrester Research(s Forr) VP and principal analyst focusing on application development. “If they can get the integration right, they can actually offer a pretty broad spectrum of development experiences and runtimes compared to the competition.” Competitors in the area of visual and cloud-based platforms for application development include Mendix, Rymer said.