The question you didn’t ask is the one you regret

BeyondCoreDid you know that patients with heart stent surgeries who are depressed and don’t take their antidepressants triple their health care costs compared to similar patients who take their antidepressants? Our client did not. With databases full of conditions, treatments and patient characteristics, they had been busy examining other things. This particular question, with an interesting answer, had simply not been asked. For a real-world example of automatically evaluating a million variable combinations, see this case study with McKinsey that we are presenting at StrataRx. Excerpt: “From an analytical perspective, due to the large number of potential variable combinations, it is impossible to preconceive of and evaluate all of the potential hypotheses.”

In traditional analytics, manual pattern evaluation is the weak link that slows speed-to-insight and risks overlooking key insights. In an hour, humans can only explore dozens out of the millions of potential patterns hidden in the data. In minutes, BeyondCore explores those millions of possibilities, conducts rigorous statistical tests and presents the most important insights, without the risk of human bias or error. Users then examine the short list to further refine the most relevant insights. Competitors who focus on building faster and more powerful tools for human experts to ask specific questions of their data are simply missing the point.

BeyondCore’s automated algorithms test, rank and present the very best patterns your data has to offer. There is a fundamental difference between merely answering your questions and discovering questions with useful answers. BeyondCore identifies the best questions to ask.