The GigaOM Show: Google I/O themes and takeways that affect you

Google I/O(s goog) is nearly over and most of the big news is now old news. But what does it all mean for consumers, developers, Android and Chrome? This week’s podcast explains it all. Tom Krazit and Kevin Tofel discuss what was — and what wasn’t — announced for both of Google’s software platforms, while Janko Roettgers explains how Google’s new media services compare to others already on the market. Eliza Kern wraps up the discussion with commentary on the new Google+ changes and if they’ll increase engagement and grow the social network.

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Co-Hosts: Tom Krazit
Guests: Kevin Tofel, Janko Roettgers, Eliza Kern

Google may not have announced Android 4.3, but it made Android better while unifying it with Chrome.

Can Google really take on Spotify, Rdio and others with the new Google Play Music All Access service?

Google Talk becomes Hangouts and will see SMS integration soon.