Engine Yard releases PHP on Engine Yard Cloud and support for Riak

According to this release: “Engine Yard, the leading Platform as a Service (PaaS), today announced general availability of PHP on Engine Yard Cloud. Building on its commitment to transform cloud application development, Engine Yard offers increased levels of choice, control, and management to PHP developers and devops professionals.  Engine Yard also introduced support for Riak, the distributed, highly available database from Basho. Both of these announcements coincide with reductions in Engine Yard pricing that make it even easier to get started and scale applications.”

The race is on for PaaS providers to offer more language and database support, which will provide their users with more choice, and thus more users.  PHP is well understood in the development community, and this should gather some additional Engine Yard users.

The addition of Riak provides some additional database choices for Engine Yard users as well.  This highly distributed open source database is becoming popular with cloud providers, and should get some good play within Engine Yard.

The larger story here is the continued feature/function push in the PaaS world.  Engine yard wants to keep up with Google, Microsoft, and AWS, which all provide a better-known brand in the PaaS world.  Most enterprises that select PaaS, do so around feature/function first, brand second.