GigaOM Chrome Show 6: Chrome battle plans shown off at Google I/O

Google I/O(s goog) has come and gone without any new Chrome OS hardware. Was it a bust for Chromies? Not at all, but most of the news were behind the scenes services and provided context for Chrome’s cross-platform future vision.

You can see some of that future in Chromium for the Mac(s aapl), which is getting the Chrome App launcher. Our extension of the week dovetails with Google’s new Play Music All Access subscription service. And while Kevin still loves the Chromebook Pixel, he pleads with Google to add one important function to Chromebooks: Support for Google Play movie and TV downloads.

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Show notes

Hosts: Chris Albrecht and Kevin C. Tofel

  • So what was Google I/O like, what’s new for Chrome and what new services did Google add?
  • More Intel-powered(s intc) hardware builds are being tested
  • Chromium for Mac getting the App launcher
  • What’s Google’s vision for Chrome? To take over the world, of course!
  • Extension of week: Better Music for Google Play Music
  • When will Google add movie and TV downloads for Chromebooks?

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