Superman wears Warby Parker

You all know that we’re fans of what the folks at Warby Parker are doing. In particular, we’re quite intrigued by their effort to take their online brand offline. The New York-based company, which recently raised a ton of money, is now taking the next step in terms of branding and is going to be working with the makers of the movie, Man of Steel, on two special frames¬†with a hint of Superman Blue or Red near the temples.


Clark Kent — you know, the nerd journalist who is also Superman — and Warby Parker, the brand that was made by nerds, is one movie merchandising deal that makes a lot of sense. Of course, we talked about Warby Parker’s future with its co-founder at our RoadMap 2012 conference. (You can find out more about our RoadMap 2013 conference later this year¬†by clicking here.)