EC launches European app economy study: App leaders meet in June

Eurapp is a new study being led by DERI at NUI Galway and GigaOM Research and was recently launched by the European Commission as part of its Digital Agenda: Startup Europe initiative. Eurapp brings together app developers, platform providers, policy makers and other stakeholders to address the future of the European app economy at its first working workshop in Brussels on June 14.

“In Eurapp, we’re creating a model and near-term forecast for the European app economy in terms of jobs profiles and market size,” says David Card, the VP of Research for GigaOM Research. “We also plan to identify and propose ideas to solve key problems affecting the app economy in Europe through two crowdsourcing challenges that will be run mid-summer.”

The working workshop will feature talks from the co-founders of app companies SwiftKey, Tyba and Betapond, focusing on successes they have had and various problems they have faced in the past. Platform managers and evangelists from Samsung and Microsoft will discuss the growth in apps supported by their platforms in Europe. The European Young Innovators Forum will provide perspectives from young tech entrepreneurs.

The workshop will feature Mapping Sessions to identify primary bottlenecks experienced by app companies located in Europe that could potentially be addressed by EU-wide policy actions and also explore the main issues that companies have in achieving their desired metrics for success.

GigaOM readers are invited to take part in the workshop. Registration for the workshop is free, but places are limited. Get more information at