Live blog: Apple CEO Tim Cook at D11

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t make a ton of public appearances outside a few friendly media interviews, the occasional (well, it happened once anyway) congressional hearing, and his company’s carefully choreographed press events. He’ll make one tonight at the AllThingsD D11 conference in Southern California, and I live blogged the event here.

Cook is a very well-trained CEO when it comes to the media spotlight. His appearance last year at D10 didn’t produce a lot of fireworks but shed a little light on a man who was a bit of an enigma until he was thrust into the spotlight upon the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in October 2011. Nonetheless, like Jobs, he’s the only public representative of Apple that anyone can take seriously when trying to predict what tech’s most influential company will do next, and his appearance tonight will be dissected like a Federal Reserve meeting.

Our account of the night follows below, and here’s what I wrote last year at D10, reflecting on Cook’s appearance.