Are you officially famous? Facebook’s new verified profile feature will judge

Are you a celebrity with a large online audience? Soon, Facebook’s(s fb) verification feature will determine just how famous you are. The company announced Wednesday that it’s rolling out a new verification feature for prominent celebrities and public figures, obviously quite similarly to Twitter’s verified feature.

The company said that verificiation would be available for a “small group of prominent public figures (celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses) with large audiences,” and that it will begin rolling out slowly.

Twitter has been verifying celebrities and notable people on its platform for years now, and some of those people, particularly celebrities and musicians, have amassed strong followings on Twitter. Facebook has been trying to create more of that relationship between celebrities and fans with its “following” feature for pages and the latest news feed redesign that provides a tab to follow public figures.

The verification will appear next to a user’s profile with a blue check mark (that also looks very much like the Twitter version):

facebook verified selena gomez