Meeker: The next ten years will be about wearable computing and personal data

The photo wars aren’t over, but a shift is about to take place in terms of the content we upload and share to the internet, according to Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker and her trademark Powerpoint slides at D11. After years of uploading each and every photo to the web, we’re about to start uploading personal data and sound files to the web in greater and greater numbers as wearable computing develops.

Meeker’s annual attempt to present more than 100 slides in 10 minutes is a little tough on the eyes, but a few key trends emerged Wednesday at D11 (the full deck is embedded below):

  • 500 million photos are being uploaded and shared each day, doubling year over year as Snapchat turns into a real phenomenon. But photo-sharing is relatively mature compared to…
  • Video, which as Janko noted earlier today is on a tear. At the moment, video growth is being spurred by short-form video sharing like Vine and Dropcam, Meeker said.
  • Both of those content types, however, are relatively well understood compared to the next big wave: sound files and data from wearable computers. That’s because we’re at the cusp of a computing shift in which wearables take precedent over mobile.
  • Fitness and health data will be a huge percentage of that personal data, Meeker said, as more and more people realize how behavioral shifts can improve their health and how new devices can help people track those behaviors.
  • The platform change to wearables will help create that world, Meeker said. While the past ten years have been about mobile computing and the ten years before that were about the PC, the next ten years will be about wearable computers with sensors.

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