Google’s Music All Access app to arrive on iOS soon

Google(s GOOG) plans to bring its own streaming music app to iOS(s AAPL) that will let the company compete directly against Apple’s own music offerings. On Thursday at the AllThings D conference, Google SVP of Android, Chrome and Google Apps Sundar Pichai said Google Play Music All Access app would be available for iOS in a few weeks, though he did not offer a specific date.

The new Google Play Music All Access service was just announced at Google’s own developer conference earlier this month, but at the time, only for Android devices and the web. It’s a streaming music service that will cost $9.99 per month — though users signed up for trial service before June 30 get a discounted $7.99 per month rate. (It’s not clear if that will apply to iOS users should this launch on that platform prior to the last day of June.)

Considering recent history, it’s fairly unsurprising that Google is offering this service on its competitor’s platform. The company has created a virtual Google layer of services on iOS: it’s offering everything from Google Now to Chrome, Gmail, YouTube,  and Google+ to iOS customers.

But this move is particularly savvy considering Apple’s struggles with getting its own streaming music service off the ground. “iRadio” has been rumored unlikely to be ready for introduction at WWDC in a few weeks, which could push back its official debut until the fall at another Apple event. Granted, there are already plenty of other streaming music apps available for iOS users to choose from, but this move could let Google  pick up a few more users from its chief mobile competitor before Apple gets its musical act together.