With 1M new downloads in 3 months, Node.js momentum just keeps on keeping on

It’s not surprising that Strongloop would tout the traction Node.js is getting in the market — the startup was founded a few months ago to bring commercially supported versions of the language to Red Hat(s rhat) Linux, MacOS(s aapl), Ubuntu and Windows(s msft).

But even more neutral observers give the server-side JavaScript framework its due. After all, the four-year-old Node.js is great for writing high-performance servers that need to handle APIs and fast data ingress and egress.

Here’s a sampling of  Strongloop’s new fun facts about Node.js:

  • There have been more than 1 million downloads of the latest V.0.10 release in three months.
  • Big name users include Dell(s dell), General Motors(s gm), Dow Jones, Walmart(s wmt), Yahoo(s yhoo) and Airbnb.
  • Node is the second-most popular project on Github.
  • From 2011 till now, Indeed.com job postings for Node.js skills soared 22,500 (!) percent.

For another, earlier take on why developers flock to Node, check out this Stacey Higginbotham post from 2011.