Podcast: Securing the internet of things is like securing our borders. Impossible.

Amid the excitement of the consumer and industrial internet of things, is a maelstrom of uncertainty. How will we secure the internet of things? What standards will prevail? What standards should prevail? How can we respect privacy and open up data? In this weeks podcast, featuring Woody Bensen, a general partner with Prism VentureWorks and a managing director of IoTWorks, we discuss these issues.

Bensen is a veteran of the remote access and networking world, wo brings his experience building voice over IP and remote terminal access technologies to investing in internet of things companies. His believe is that between 500 and 5,000 companies will be created (of course not all will succeed) to take advantage of the opportunity, likening it to the networking boom of the nineties. Unlike that boom, however he sees the eventual standards for IoT coming not just from networking giants, but healthcare, insurance and other companies that have traditionally held themselves aloof from broad tech industry standards setting. At the end of the podcast he also shares his favorite use case for his own connected devices.

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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guest: Woody Bensen, a general partner with Prism VentureWorks and a managing director of IoTWorks

  • How big is the internet of things, and what kind of infrastructure does it need?
  • We need systems integrators for building connected devices and services. But no one knows what features matter
  • Securing the internet of things will happen at the gateway and needs a lightweight solution.
  • Sharing use cases and swapping IFTTT recipes.


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