Food52 partners with Rap Genius to let users annotate recipes

Rap Genius started out as a website that lets fans annotate rap lyrics, but it’s expanded to allow annotation of lots of different types of content. Now cooking site Food52 has partnered with Rap Genius to let users annotate recipes. “Interpreting Kanye’s latest verse isn’t our forte,” write Food52’s editors, “but when the Rap Genius team decided to venture into text annotation for recipes and cooking articles, we saw that as our cue to partner.”

Food52 is calling the new tool “Food Genius.” Each week, they’ll post and annotate “recipes and how-to articles” and invite the community to do the same:

“This mix of verified and community-sourced annotations may include pictures demonstrating what the dish should look like at each step of the process, specific suggestions for a generic ingredient like ‘fresh herbs,’ or substitutions for special diets, among many other possibilities. The Food Genius partnership adds a crowd-sourced layer to the cooking process by allowing cooks to make small variations on and enhancements to recipes — recipes that are themselves crowd-sourced by the Food52 community.”

Authors are also testing out Rap Genius. At the 7x20x21 panel at Book Expo America Thursday, Rap Genius cofounder Ilan Zechory noted the different ways that readers can use the site. For instance, a user posted the first chapter of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In on Rap Genius. Zechory said that Sandberg’s publisher, Knopf, originally complained and asked the site to take the chapter down — but then Sandberg herself ended up adding her own annotations to the chapter. (For instance, where the first chapter mentions “My husband, Dave,” Sandberg posted a picture of the two of them.)