Don’t call it mobile: most iPad TV viewing happens at home

Netflix, (s NFLX) Hulu Plus and TV Everywhere apps make it possible for iPad owners to watch TV, well, everywhere – but most of them prefer to sit on the couch, or curl up in bed with their tablet: That’s one of the key take-aways of the Council for Research Excellence’s new TV Untethered study (PDF), which looks at TV viewing on mobile phones and tablets.

The study, which will be presented at the Audience Measurement 8.0 conference in New York next week, reveals that 82 percent of TV viewing on tablets happens at home. Office and workplace viewing is a distant second with 14 percent, and commuting, travel and other on-the-go situations don’t really make a dent at all.

Usage looks a bit different on mobile phones, where the office (23 percent) and transit (12 percent) play a much bigger role. But even these devices see 64 percent of video usage at home, according to the survey. Unsurprisingly, 90 percent of all viewing on TV devices happens in the home.

The study has a few other interesting data points:

  • Mobile TV viewing is a still a small phenomenon. Even folks who do use their mobile devices to watch TV shows and movies only spend about seven percent of their TV time in front of the small screen.
  • Mobility and cord cutting go hand in hand: 14 percent of people who watch TV on their mobile devices don’t have a pay TV subscription.
  • Good news for Netflix: 54 percent of all tablet TV viewing happens through subscription services.