Twitter brings Vine video app to Android with feature iOS app doesn’t have: zoom

Android(s GOOG) users can now officially take part in tweeting short, looping videos with Vine, an app that is newly available on Google’s mobile platform as of Monday morning.

Vine arrives on Android four months after debuting on iOS. In the announcement, Twitter said that its video app currently has 13 million users on iOS.

The version arriving for Android users isn’t a perfect mirror of what’s available on iOS, however: use of a phone’s front-facing camera (which @jack uses to take those weird Vine selfies), app search, mentions, hashtags and sharing via Facebook are features coming to the Android app “over the coming weeks,” the company said. However, Android device users also get something their iOS counterparts don’t yet have: the ability to zoom while filming a Vine.

The app is available for Android version 4.0 and later from the Google Play Store.