A year after Google acquisition, Meebo bar will be killed, as team settles in with Google+

The Meebo bar will be shutting down Thursday, the company announced in a blog post. The company’s ad-supported social media toolbar will disapear from publisher sites today.

Meebo was founded in 2005 a a web messaging client, and was acquired by Google about a year ago in June 2012 for something in the ballpark of $100 million, people reported at the time.

In a sense, it’s not terribly surprising that the Meebo bar is heading out to pasture. When the company was acquired by Google, both sides wrote that they were looking forward to teaming up with Google+ and building social publishing tools. Meebo wrote Thursday that the team would be focusing full-time on Google+ sign-in and Google+ plug-ins.

Meebo explained the changes in a blog post on its site:

“Five years ago, we launched the Meebo Bar to bring community, engagement, and revenue to publisher sites.

As part of the Google team, this continues to be our focus, but we want to best serve mobile and desktop publishers moving forward.  Therefore, we have decided to focus our resources on initiatives like the recently launched Google+ Sign-In (which includes interactive posts andover-the-air app installs) and the Google+ plug-ins.

This means we will retire the Meebo Bar, effective June 6, 2013.”

For publishers who were still using the Meebo Bar, a full explanation of how to discontinue the feature can be found here.