Mirantis rakes in more vendor funding, this time from Red Hat, Ericsson and SAP

For a company that dedicated itself to being a vendor-neutral arbiter of the best OpenStack implementations, Mirantis sure has a lot of vendor backing. This time out, Mirantis garnered $10 million in fresh funding from Red Hat(s rhat), SAP(s sap) Ventures and Ericsson bringing total funding to about $20 million.

Mirantis CEO Adrian Ionel

Mirantis CEO Adrian Ionel

Intel(S intc), Dell(s dell) (two other vendors) and West Summit Capital kicked off initial Series A closing announced in January.

In a statement, Mirantis CEO Adrian Ionel said the new cash infusion will help the company integrate its Fuel configuration and deployment technology with “key players in IT.”

Fuel is a toolset that Mirantis open sourced in March. At that time, Ionel described it as the company’s “secret sauce — the automation library — that we used to set up some of the largest OpenStack adopters — Paypal, Webex, The Gap and others.”

As I reported last year, Mirantis made its name mixing and matching the best OpenStack components from multiple vendors into cloud solutions for customers.