Redbox Instant is coming to Roku

Redbox Instant by Verizon, (s vz) the video service that combines Redbox DVD rentals with a Netflix-style (s NFLX) subscription offering, is going to launch on Roku streaming players soon. Redbox Instant officially announced Thursday that it will come to Roku “this summer” without providing a firmer deadline.

The announcement comes just days after Redbox Instant launched on Google (s GOOG) TV devices, and GigaOM readers won’t be too surprised by it: We reported last month already that the service was about to launch on Google TV, and then tackle Roku next.

The collaboration with Roku is another notable step for Redbox Instant as it is working to widen its device footprint. Roku has sold more than five million players in the U.S. to date. Redbox Instant won’t be available on first-generation Roku devices, but the move should still give the company access to a few million additional potential customers.