Apple introduces OS X Mavericks with plenty of iOS influenced tech

Apple(s aapl) debuted OS X Mavericks, the next iteration of its desktop software, at its annual WWDC event on Monday. The new operating system adds dozens of new features, some of which borrow from Apple’s iOS look and feel, such as an improved full-screen experience.

Apple’s Finder app gains similarity to the iOS Safari browser, as it now supports Finder tabs. These allow users to find and categorize files in multiple tabs within a single Finder window. Also included is support for file tagging to ease with search.

Multiple display users will be happy with OS X Mavericks, which vastly improves on the experience. Critical elements such as the Dock and Menubar are accessible on two or more connected screens and Spaces supports full-screen applications. Apps and files can be dragged across the displays as well. AppleTV can be now used with an HDTV for an OS X display via AirPlay.

Even more iOS influence appears in how OS X handles power consumption. A new feature called “App Nap” remembers the state of an app when a user leaves it for another. Just as in iOS, the napping apps use less power. When users return to the app, OS X ramps the power back up as needed.

Safari gains a few new features and performance boosts which Apple says uses less memory than Chrome(s goog) and Firefox. The Sidebar is easier to navigate, and perhaps in a bid to replace Google Reader (which closes down July 1), Reading Lists now offer continuous scrolling.