Have a lot of unstructured data? Dell Software says, “go beyond it”

Data is taking over. Organizations of all sizes are overwhelmed with structured and unstructured data. Contained in databases, structured data can be monitored through applications, while unstructured data represents a serious security risk to organizations. Unstructured data is leaving organizations confused about what it is, where it is kept and who has access to it.

Organizations tend to put focus on corralling data and disregard the importance of looking beyond the data. It’s critical to examine who has access to what and the parameters of the user’s role within the organization. By focusing on data alone, organizations run the risk of missing key factors that could affect data governance and lead to regulatory exposure and security holes.

Regardless of whether an organization is global or operates solely within a community, data governance must be able to satisfy compliance requirements and prevent security threats. It’s important to view access governance through the lens of connected security in order to have the full picture of access across the organization. Not only will a connected security approach help the organization maintain global compliance, it will help implement a full life cycle strategy for proactively detecting and mitigating security threats — both from inside and outside  the organization.

Dell Software’s Quest One Data Governance Edition — Classification Module enables organizations to look beyond the data by leveraging connected security. Make connected security the basis for your data access governance, and the whole picture will always be visible.