Look, here’s an RSS reader for Google Glass

This is probably not the solution to all of your Google Reader shutdown problems, but just in case: There’s now an RSS reader for Google (s GOOG) Glass. Developer James Bechter has created GlassFeeds, an app that lets users select news feeds and push stories directly to Glass, then read them later on a non-Glass screen.

Bechter, who previously created a YouTube app for Glass, writes on his blog that receiving news is a natural fit for Glass and “one of the use cases Google had imagined,” since the New York Times is one of the official third-party Glass apps.

“I never liked the way the NYT app was laid out. I thought it basically grabbed your attention with a headline but gave you very little that you could do after that,” Bechtel writes. (The NYT Glass app sends out breaking news and top news updates, and can read aloud an article summary, but there’s not a read-later option.) GlassFeeds lets users view headlines and then send them to read-it-later site Pocket or to email. “I’ve been testing this for the last week and it has quickly become the #1 use for my Glass — receiving news and judging which stories I want to read later,” Bechtel writes.

via Marketing Land