Engaging mobile users: maintaining relationships after the download

Mobile development and marketing budgets continue to rise, but are businesses realizing any return on their investment? More than a quarter of all downloaded mobile apps are used only once, and product managers can only guess at the reasons. Is the connection slow on certain carriers? Are hardware conflicts causing errors? Is user engagement low because of poor-quality content? If your application is performing well, how can you anticipate problems before they cause damage? Without solid data to inform decisions, product managers are flying blind. Maintaining relevance and continuing to engage the mobile user is an ongoing process requiring effort, planning and actionable data.

In this webinar, our panel will address these questions:

  • What abandonment risks are unique to mobile applications?
  • What kinds of application, network and system information can businesses gather?
  • What are the privacy and regulatory concerns of gathering such information?
  • How should application developers use customer data to prioritize improvements and outreach?
  • Can developers use mobile data to address risks before they become problems?

Speakers include:

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