Google: video ads for news tripled last year, 2 in 5 bought ads for first time

Publishers are pumping more videos onto their sites and ad money is following quickly, according to a new survey from Google(s goog) ad service, DoubleClick.

According to the research, released Tuesday morning, news publishers are running three times more ads than a year ago while also relying increasingly on automated real-time exchanges to sell the ads. Here’s some other highlights from the figures (which are drawn from DoubleClick, not YouTube or other networks):

  • 40 percent of the video ads that ran between January and March this year were from first-time video advertisers.
  • 68 percent of all the ads came from four categories: automotive, tech, retail and consumer packaged goods.
  • Entertainment sites are attracting more than two thirds of the ads, but categories like sites devoted to news, sports and electronics are quickly increasing their share
  • Video ads that let viewers skip ahead after 5 seconds are more popular (d’uh!) but these type of ads also yield a much higher return for publishers

The survey did not, unfortunately, offer any insight into how video CPM’s (which are much higher than those for display) will hold up as more and more publishers try to get into the video game. The findings come at a time when media companies like AOL(s aol) and Yahoo(s yhoo) are creating original series and video ad network Tremor Video has filed for an $86 million IPO.

Finally, despite the enthusiasm of Google (and many others) for online ads, take note that the bigger picture suggets that the vast majority of video ad money is going to stay tied up in TV for a good many years to come.

DoubleClick also set out its survey in an infographic if that’s your cup of tea:

Doubleclick Slide on Online Video Ads

[protected-iframe id=”1b81850591a2ea4abb7a5c23d9f8d20f-33319749-34118173″ info=”” width=”100%” height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]