Rock on! Google Chrome browser is gaining access to iTunes music

Google’s(s goog) Chrome browser can already access local media files and soon that will include your iTunes(s aapl) library. Google’s François Beaufort, who keeps an eye on the Chromium project, noted the change on Monday. The support would allow browser-based access to local iTunes music and possibly spur some Chrome browser extensions for music playback.

Google Chrome HeadphonesChrome currently accesses local media, which includes video, music and still images, through its mediaGalleries API. By sifting through the latest Chromium code, Beaufort caught mention of iTunes being added to the default destinations that the API has access to.

In addition to the Chrome browser, Chrome apps could take advantage of the app, so a standalone music player for an iTunes library can be built. That won’t help on Chrome OS devices as iTunes can’t be installed on them but Windows(s msft) and Mac owners that have Chrome installed could take advantage of the new feature.

Not everyone likes to keep their music files in iTunes, however, even if the songs are purchased from Apple’s store. I routinely make duplicate copies of my music files, for example, using both Google Music and Amazon’s MP3(s amzn) service. Not only do I then have backup copies, but I can listen to the music on a wide variety of smartphones and tablets, regardless of platform. It would be great to see a developer take the new Chrome mediaGalleries API one step further and create a browser based service to move the files through the cloud. Currently, uploading music to Google or Amazon requires a software installation.