Smart cloud-based analytics; not “pie in the sky” promises

istock_teradataThe power of cloud-based analytics is indisputable, given its potential for simplicity and scalable computing power. But reality falls short of the “pie in the sky” promises of moving all data and all analytics to an open and public cloud. In a recent blog post, Teradata’s Scott Gnau describes analytics in the cloud, in a way that sidesteps the cloud’s “not so silver lining” of concerns around security, privacy, downtime, data loss and latency issues.

He shares his recommendations using use cases of both public and private cloud deployments. Two examples he shares are BevMo! and Meredith.

BevMo!, a large West Coast retailer, built an integrated and managed data warehouse in the public cloud using Teradata Cloud Services. By accessing analytics hardware, software, managed services and customer services in the cloud, BevMo! was able to get flexible, secure and scalable analytics on a subscription basis.

BevMo! runs advanced analytic for things like SKU management, regulatory compliance, invoice error reduction and sophisticated pricing analytics that involve product, cost, location and other variables.

Meanwhile, media giant Meredith turned to Teradata for a private cloud solution to leverage its sizable data assets. For the publisher of major brands like Better Homes and Gardens, the private cloud delivers immediate and relevant messaging to consumers in near real-time. This has helped the company improve reach and reduce subscriber loss. Meredith can now run 600 campaigns a month instead of 300, and the company has slashed segment analysis time from 24 hours to less than one.