Finding the tools to move the earth

A lever, the simplest of machines, enables an incredibly amplified output. Even in the days when Hannibal wasn’t on prime-time TV but rather crossing the alps, technology was moving the world.

But if there is one thing technology junkies love even more than the idea of changing the world, it’s doing it with less work. We only want to do the minimal amount of work it takes to accomplish our goal, and that’s not a bad thing.

When Larry Wall, the author of the Perl programming language, spouted the three virtues of a programmer, “laziness” took the lead spot. And while he was certainly playing coy (the other two are “impatience” and “hubris”), he was simply reiterating Archimedes’ larger argument: Work efficiently.

Now, what the right tool is . . . that’s the hard part.

The ocean of web development that I wade through daily is full of purported tools. Some remind me of this ridiculous breakfast sandwich maker. The picture on the box looks fantastic, but there’s no possible way operating that contraption is more efficient than just making an egg sandwich. Rare others are simple and beautiful and genuinely applify my output.

That’s what we’re working on every day at Moovweb: being the tool that allows businesses to leverage their existing desktop sites, to create the mobile experiences that they need. We amplify the features, content and business logic by extending their business beyond the constraints of the desktop, to phones and tablets.

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