Savvis buying PaaS provider AppFog

According to Barb Darrow, “Savvis is about to buy AppFog, a Platform-as-a-Service startup based in Portland, Ore., according to several sources. Savvis, a data center operator, was acquired itself two years ago by CenturyLink  in a $3.2 billion bid to build a cloud and hosted managed services powerhouse.”

It appears that the AppFog technology will be more tightly wedded to Savvis/VMware infrastructure.  However, who knows the outcome until the deal is done and the integration completed?

PaaS has not set the cloud computing world on fire, in terms of volumes of sales.  However, the PaaS space is clearly growing.  IaaS providers are all adopting, building, and buying PaaS.  This is due to the fact that having a PaaS promotes application development, and the more applications built, the more infrastructure you’re going to leverage.  Razor and razorblades.

AppFog has been trailing the others, but ‘the others’ are guys like Microsoft, Google, and AWS.  Thus, the combining AppFog with Savvis is perhaps not a bad idea.