Anti-tracking site Disconnect gets more money, do-gooder status

Disconnect, a site run by an ex-Googler, has received an additional $3.5 million to help people block companies from tracking the sites they visit as they browse the internet.

In April, GigaOm described major updates to Disconnect that sought to provide faster browsing experience and an easy visualization of the websites that it blocks. If you haven’t seen it before, here’s how Disconnect looks in action:

The Disconnect icon sits in the top right of the browser shows how many sites want to track you for advertising, social or other purposes:

Disconnect screen shot

If you click on the icon, it provides more detailed lists of which websites want your information:

Disconnect screenshot 2

When we spoke in April, former Google engineer Brian Kennish, who is one of Disconnect’s founders along with consumer rights attorney, Casey Oppenheim, explained that the company has a three-fold goal: privacy, speed and “don’t break the internet” — ie the tool is supposed to let you use the web just like you always do.

In addition to the new funding, which cames as a Series A led by FirstMark Capital, Disconnect also received “B Corporation” status which amounts to a certification mark for companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Etsy that want to formalize public service as part of their corporate missions.