Apple’s new-found support for game controller accessories could be big news for mobile gaming

The game site Tokatu is attracting attention today for this post that includes a grainy photo of what appears to be a gamepad made by Logitech for the iPhone. The gadget features four action controllers and a directional controller and follows last week’s news that Apple will begin to support third-party game controller accessories with the release of iOS 7. CNET reports that both Logitech and PowerA have confirmed they’ll produce game controllers for iOS devices, and we’re sure to see plenty of other companies do the same.

Game controls on the iPhone and iPad thus far have been limited to touchscreens and third-party hardware that requires specific support from developers. Apple’s decision to support third-party controllers in iOS itself will surely result in devices that are more tightly integrated with mobile games, providing an opportunity for developers to create titles that more closely resemble a console-type gaming experience. Savvy game developers should be paying very close attention.