Netflix will launch in the Netherlands in late 2013, as its international expansion slows

Netflix (s NFLX) revealed the next target of its ongoing international expansion Tuesday night: The streaming service will launch in the Netherlands in late 2013, making it the seventh European country to get access to Netflix’s service. However, the launch is also decidedly smaller than previous international expansions.

Netflix didn’t give any details about catalog size or pricing of the service, but instead pointed out that Dutch consumers will have access to “Hollywood, local and global TV series and films,” including Netflix originals like House of Cards and the newest season of Arrested Development.

Picking the Netherlands as the next target for international expansion should appease Netlix investors, some of whom have been concerned about the costs associated with the company’s international ambitions. After crossing the border to Canada in 2010, Netflix made a big splash with an expansion into almost all of Latin America and the Carribean in 2011.

Last year, the company doubled down on international markets by expanding to the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Netflix now has a total of seven million subscribers outside of the U.S., but some markets have proven more difficult than others. Latin America, in particular, has been challenging, to the point where analysts have asked Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on the company’s most recent earnings call whether he’d consider pulling out of some of the countries.

Hastings answer was no; but Netflix has long tried to address those concerns by tieing any international expansion to global profitability. The company has also said that it intends to expand into only one additional market in 2013, which means that people in markets like Germany, France or Spain have to wait until at least 2014 before they’ll get access to Netflix.