Server Density adds management to cloud monitoring tool

Server Density, the London-based startup that hopes to give RightScale a run for its money, just added some cloud management capabilities to its existing monitoring features.

Version 2.0 of Server Density adds a graphical way to view a customers’s ¬†infrastructure running in Amazon Web Services or Rackspace infrastructure. Using data from the cloud providers themselves as well as from Server Density’s existing customers which include Intel(s intc), EA Mobile, DuckDuckGo and Trend Micro, Version 2 offers a new Firefighter mockup — a map of all their cloud data centers and their status.

Now, when something goes awry in a cloud deployment, customers typically face a flood of e-mail. “That adds to the confusion at 3 a.m. when you’re still waking up. What you need is a way to visualize what’s going on quickly. We do that well designed graphical interfaces,” said CEO and founder David Mytton who announced the new release at Structure on Wednesday.

The new release automatically syncs with Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud accounts to provide a real-time view of a customer’s instances and lets them stop, start, restart or launch new instances. ¬†Also new: Better group level alerting, support for multiple PagerDuty services.