Why CMOs and CIOs are sharing the IT load

CMOs are getting all the love when it comes to IT budgets. But is that a bad thing? According to Ralph Loura, CIO of The Clorox Company(s clx), IT resources moving to marketing is a natural and inevitable progression as companies find their footing in an internet- and data-dominated world.

Speaking at GigaOM’s Structure 2013 conference, Loura said there is IT in everything any consumer-facing company does these days, in particular in its marketing. Twenty years ago, if Clorox wanted to target its core audience, it would run a 30-second spot during Baywatch broadcasts around the world, Loura said, and it could be assured of getting its brand and message in front of hundreds of millions of eyes. Now, no single TV show or channel could command such a huge watch share.

“We’re moving away from a highly produced analog world to a much more significantly digital world that is much more highly fragmented and distributed,” Loura said. “We’re moving not just to a thousand channels but a thousand screens.”

That increased technological reliance requires much closer collaboration with IT, Loura said.

Check out the rest of our Structure 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:
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